UK students stranded in Atlanta traffic trouble

Atlanta, Ga. (WKYT) - The arctic blast hitting Kentucky is also causing a deep freeze in the deep south.

The winter storm crippled travel in several southern states and turned a six hour drive to Atlanta into a 27 hour long nightmare for a group of students from the University of Kentucky.

The driver of that group says they finally made it to their hotel about 10:30a.m. Wednesday morning. The group left Lexington at 7:30a.m. Tuesday morning.

The group of seven students and their driver spent the night in a van after hitting Atlanta traffic Tuesday afternoon. The agricultural students were traveling to the International Processing and Production Exposition.

"Initially you would just have tractor-trailer just stuck in the middle of the road so you would have to go around them, then as you got closer to the evening people just abandoned their vehicles in the road hunting for a hotel or something," David Gillespie said.

Gillespie says they first hit the bad weather as they were passing through Tennessee but when they came to Atlanta, traffic came to a stop.

The group was stopped within walking distance of hotels and restaurants and used their facilities throughout the night.

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