UK to extend student code off campus, allow alcohol on campus

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It seems like everywhere you look on campus at the University of Kentucky, you see change. But not all of it is as visible as the construction.

"We've been largely a dry campus since 1997-98," said UK spokesman Jay Blanton.

Starting in the fall, though, there will be expanded alcohol on campus.

"We know that students drink. It's a question of where. The question becomes how do we ensure that people do it responsibly, legally, and safely," Blanton said.

A lot of the details are still in the works. Students 21 and older will be able to drink in designated areas, but defining those areas is a challenge.

"If someone is of age and in graduate housing, that might be an area you would look at. We'll have to look at what happens in the Greek system. We'll have to look at buildings that are mixed-use. There might be a classroom building that also has dining facilities and where receptions might take place," Blanton said.

Students welcomed the idea.

"They want to enjoy their drinks in their room where they're safe and they're not going out off-campus to go to parties and then having to walk home drunk," said Alex Kloentrup.

"I think that's a pretty valid argument. Having it on campus and maybe where can be monitored a little better will allow for more safety," said Leah Hoffmann.

There will also be a medical amnesty policy. Students could call for help without worrying about repercussions.

"Underage people are afraid that if you call the cops to help your drunk friend, you're going to get in lots of trouble and so they don't do it and try and solve with themselves and some people just not qualified to do that," Kloentrup said.

Administrators will also expand the code of student conduct beyond campus. They say they're still grappling with how to do it consistently.

"It might be one thing to say that if the student breaks the law in Fayette County that you extend the code of conduct there. That's easy to grapple with but what happens if the student is studying internationally in Africa and commits a violation?" Blanton said.

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