UK unearths time capsule from 1956

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – A time capsule was found in a very random area among all the construction on the University of Kentucky campus.

There was no marking, so crews were pretty surprised to find it.

Found under the Cooperstown buildings on UK's campus, was a time capsule full of items of interest to students, faculty and staff.

A routine demolition unearthed a not-so-routine treasure trove full of old newspapers, a Lexington phone book and even an old class schedule.

"The newspapers of that time, I think ours was the Kentucky/Georgia game, but, there were also serious issues like civil rights," said Dr. Eli Capilouto, President of the University of Kentucky.

New items will be added to the capsule and buried at Woodland Glen.

The capsule will be dug up in another 50 years, the year 2064, it will be unearthed.

Items put into the capsule included a copy of the Lexington Herald-Leader from April 28, 2014 and a copy of the Louisville Courier-Journal.

There was also a DanceBlue item and a letter from Dr. Capilouto, also a campus map to represent the current status of the university.

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