UPDATE: Man talks about body he found on side of a Lexington road

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a mystery that still has many unanswered questions Thursday night. After a woman's body was found along a Lexington road, investigators are trying to figure out what caused her death.

We first told you as breaking news at 4:30 about this death investigation. We are told the body was found before three o'clock Thursday afternoon along Leeann Lane off Old Richmond Road near I-75.

The body was discovered by a homeowner on Leeann Lane who says he noticed something on the side of the road when he was leaving his house. And as he got closer, he realized it was a body.

"To see a body along the road is quite surprising," said Troy Cox, who found the body across the street from his home.

Cox says he even took a double take to make sure he really saw what he thought he did.

"I could tell at that point, looking at the situation, that chances are she was deceased," said Cox.

Cox says when he sees something on the side of the road he lives on, he typically keeps driving.

"People come out this way in the country and drop trash all the time, like bags, other items, or tires," said Cox.

But this time, of course, was different. He quickly called police still in shock of what he had found.

"This is a very quaint, private, little lane here that nobody really comes up and down," said Cox. "If you come down Leeann Lane, you either know somebody who lives here or you're lost."

He's just glad he made the discovery on his own since his 13-year-old daughter could have easily been with him. Cox says he had just picked her up from school early because she was sick.

"I'm extremely grateful that we didn't come across this when my 13-year-old was with me coming home from school, and that is was that 30 minutes later when I was leaving alone."

Thinking of his own family, Cox is sending his prayers.

"That's somebody's young girl out there," said Cox.

The woman was pronounced dead on the scene. Robbery homicide investigators, the Fayette County coroner, and Lexington police were on the scene for a few hours working on this death investigation.

Police tell us there were no obvious signs on the woman's body of what could have killed her.

The body found has not yet been identified. The woman did not have any identification on her. But police tell us the woman appeared to be between 25 and 35 years of age.

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