Police release name of suspect shot in Garrard County burglary

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GARRARD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - They say they came home and found a burglar inside.

But a central Kentucky couple turned the tables on the intruder, and police say the husband shot him.

It happened late Monday afternoon on Jennings Road in Garrard County.

Police arrested the suspect nearby, and neighbors tell us that they're relieved he's in custody.

The burglar was shot but able to get away but police soon caught up with him.

"You gotta protect your home," said Carl Jennings, who owns property on the road.

State police say David Baker and his wife did just that when they came home to an unwanted visitor inside their house.

"He yelled into the residence, 'If you're in my home, you need to show yourself right now,' and he caught the suspect actually attempting to leave. It wasn't a struggle but a brief verbal altercation ensued and the homeowner shot the suspect in the arm," Trooper Frank Thornberry, with Kentucky State Police.

Instead of jumping in his vehicle, the suspect 26-year-old Jarred Pitman ran.

However, Pitman was soon caught, but people nearby are still on alert. Carl Jennings in particular knows this road well. After all, it is named after his family.

"I own my mother's home down there. I came to see what, if anything, had happened down there," said Jennings.

And Jennings says if put in the same situation that he'd do the same thing.

"What else you gonna do? You got a guy in your house, and you don't know whether he's armed or not. And I would have done the same thing David did," said Jennings.

Unfortunately, Jennings says he's not surprised this happened on the road he's grown up knowing like the back of his hand.

"We've just got a nice community here and it's a shame that this type of stuff happens, but it's happening everywhere," Jennings.

State police tell us they are looking into whether this suspect is also involved in other burglaries or home invasions.

State police say Pitman's charges are pending but that he will definitely be charged with burglary.

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