Police: Normal operations resume after California shootout

BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. (AP) - Los Angeles police say their department has returned to normal patrol operations, the day after a shootout and fire in the San Bernardino Mountains is believed to have claimed the life of former cop Christopher Dorner.

He's accused in a deadly rampage that took four lives, including the life of a deputy who was killed in the shootout yesterday.

A charred body was found in the basement of the cabin where Dorner apparently made his last stand yesterday. It hasn't been formally identified.

Until that happens, police say some of the dozens of protective details that were set up, to guard against attacks on targets that had been identified by Dorner in a written manifesto, will remain in place.

Police had scoured the area around Big Bear Lake for days, after Dorner's burned-out pickup truck was found there last week -- with a broken axle.

It now appears that Dorner spent most of that time hiding in a vacation cabin across the street from the command post.

The break came yesterday with word that a man matching Dorner's description had tied up two people in a cabin, stolen their car and fled. Dorner was spotted a short time later, leading to a chase and then the shootout.

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