UPDATE: Winter storm blamed for Lexington man's death

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A salt truck worker found a man lying on the side of a Lexington street.

We're learning more about that 87-year-old man who the Fayette County coroner says froze to death.

Investigators tell us Arthur Wilson was found along Roxburg Drive near Clays Mill Road area early Wednesday morning.

It all happened in front of Ken Hamilton's home where he's lived for 25 years and known Wilson for 20 years.

Wilson's family tells us this is the first time he has ever gotten out and wandered away from his home. He has been under the care of a home nurse for years.

Wilson, who neighbors tell us suffered from Parkinson's and dementia, ended up lying on the side of Roxburg Drive freezing as it continued to snow until a salt truck driver found him.

Wilson was found on the ground beside Hamilton's mailbox right about the time he gets his mail. And we are told he was showing signs of hypothermia and was probably there for two to three hours.

"It's not something that happens to you ever," said Bill Scott, who also lives nearby. "I was just shocked when the guy came to my door and said there's a man laying in your driveway."

One neighbor and the truck driver did what they could wrapping him in blankets and calling 9-1-1.

"He just had flannel pajamas on and no shoes, so we knew it was bad," said Scott.

With temperatures in the 20s and the wind chill in the teens overnight, Wilson just got too cold.

"You can't take cold weather for granted," said Scott. "This could happen to anybody, whether it was an adult or a small child. If they got in this for two hours without anything but pajamas on, it wouldn't be good!"

We are told Wilson's body temperature got down to 77 degrees, and he later died at St. Joseph Hospital.

Funeral arrangements for Wilson have not yet been made.

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