US Senate candidates attend July 4th parade in Campbellsville

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - From one end of Campbellsville to the other people lined Main Street to take in everything that is the 4th of July parade and celebration. "Oh yes, you have to get here early. People set their chairs out as early as 7:00 in the morning," said Jim Noe.

For five years US Senator Mitch McConnell says he's made the Campbellsville event part of his Independence Day activities. This year much more is on the line. "It's a big competitive race. It will be until the end. I'm used to competition. We are ahead and intend to stay there," said McConnell, R-Kentucky.

His challenger, Alison Lundegran Grimes, gave a short pre-parade speech calling for a living wage and predicting a revolution to start November 4th. She said inspiration for seeking office came from Taylor County. "I'm Secretary of State because a Taylor County woman had a lemonade stand, a teenager had a lemonade stand, to donate funds to my Secretary of State race. She is standing with us in the Senate Race," said the Democratic candidate during a quick interview with reporters before rushing off to join the parade.

After the parade stopped at Campbellsville High School McConnell told WKYT his campaign is about helping what he called a jobless recovery. "This has been the worst recovery since World War II, the reason for it is this administration. The war on coal, virtually everything they have done is a job depressant," McConnell said.

Streets were shut down all around downtown Campbellsville as people flooded the area for the celebratory events. Vendors, kids activities, and crowds lined the streets in what has become one of the largest 4th of July events in Kentucky. "We have thousands of people come every year for this event. We've something for the kids, the older people, all ages. We are proud to show our city off," said Cary Noe of Campbellsville.

That's something that draws a huge crowd that candidates have learned to take advantage of.

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