WKU professor survives fall in mountain crevasse in Nepal

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KATMANDU, Nepal (WKYT) - “I fell through a hole!" screams John All, a Western Kentucky University professor. "Thankfully I didn’t keep falling that way.”

70 feet below ice, bloody, broken ribs, and a fractured arm, Professor John All thought he was going to die.

“It’s funny the amount of damage the body can take and still function pretty well," All reminisces about his experience. "The pain was wonderful, let’s put it that way, because I was at least alive to feel the pain.”

While conducting climate research in Nepal, All was hiking alone on a Himalayan mountain. That’s when he plunged into a hidden icy crevasse and landed on a ledge about three feet wide.

“I’m hurt bad, but I’ve got to get out,” All says to his camera while stuck in the crevasse.

It took All six hours to climb to the top with an ice axe. Another three hours later, he finally reached his research team’s camp and was rescued the next morning.

“It happened so quickly, I was thinking ‘Oh God, thank God I stopped' and that I’m still alive because I expected just to keep going until it was over," All says. "To have hit the ledge and catch that little piece of ice, it saved my life.”

All and his team had moved to the area in north central Nepal because Mount Everest was closed last month after 16 Sherpa guides died in an avalanche.

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