Unclaimed cash, property to be found in Kentucky Treasury

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach is likening his job to spring cleaning - at least the part that involves matching Kentuckians up with unclaimed cash.

Hollenbach said he's trying to tidy up the Treasury vault and put everything back in its proper place.

Hollenbach is in charge of all unclaimed property surrendered to the state that is presumed lost or abandoned. Most of it is cash from old insurance policies, stocks, bonds and bank accounts. He said he has possession of some 20,000 unclaimed items, including a Joe DiMaggio autographed baseball, some silver bullion, jewelry and gold coins.

Since 2008, Hollenbach has returned $ 76 million in unclaimed property to rightful owners.

Kentuckians can find out if there is unclaimed property in their name at the state treasury by visiting the website linked below.

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