Unique central Ky. wildlife refuge rescues five wolf-dogs

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JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A central Kentucky wildlife refuge is asking for help after taking in some wolf-dog hybrids rescued from western Kentucky last month.

Take a trip down to Jessamine County's Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge and you'll spot many things you'd see on a typical family farm and many you wouldn't, because at this wildlife refuge, every animal has a story.

“A lot of animals with special needs are brought here. Almost all of our animals have special needs,” said Michele Newtz with the Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge.

Take “Buddy” the horse, who has had a home at the refuge after being attacked by a dog several years ago.

Or take a look at the unusual pairing of a coyote and dog; both of which were rescued and raised on the farm and now share the same cage.

The most recent animals brought to the refuge were five wolf-dogs after they were rescued in September when officials found human remains on the owner's property in Ohio County.

“The conditions were so bad there that it’s amazing that most of them made them out alive,” Newtz told us Thursday.

Newtz says the five rescued dogs are low-content wolf-dogs meaning that they are a few generations away from when the wolf was introduced into the breed.

“These dogs probably have less wolf in them than normal dogs,” laughs Newtz.

But now more than ever, this special needs refuge is the one in need considering the high cost of caring for these dogs.

Thankfully in a few short weeks, Newtz hopes the five wolf-dogs will find a new home.

But if not, “If for any reason they are not adopted or are not adoptable then they will stay here for the rest of their lives and be cared for and loved.”

The other wolf-dogs involved in the Ohio County hoarding case were rescued by refuge groups in other states.

If you are interested in contributing to Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge, visit www.wolfrun.org

Newtz says at this point, the refuge is in need of large cages to transport animals, dog food and donations to help cover costs including veterinary expenses for the dogs.

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