United Way of the Bluegrass pulls funding from Boy Scouts program

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The United Way of the Bluegrass says it is pulling its backing from the local Boy Scouts program.

A release from the United Way says the decision was made based on the National Boy Scouts of America policy to not allow open homosexuals to serve as adult leaders in the program.

United Way of the Bluegrass was the council's single largest funder.

Up until now, the United Way of the Bluegrass has contributed nearly $100,000 each year

Bill Farmer, the President and CEO of the United Way of the Bluegrass says, "Unfortunately, the boy scouts is not in compliance with our non-discrimination policy."

It's a policy that was just revised this year.

"Were saddened that half a decade old partnership is going to be terminate," says Chip Armishaw, the Scout Executive/CEO.

Now the Boy Scouts of America has its own policy which does not allow openly homosexual males to serve as adult leaders.

"You could have an openly gay scout serve in the scouts for a number of years become an eagle scout and be a highly decorated scout. At the time that they graduate high school, they cannot become a scout leader or a scout captain. What kind of message is that, adds Farmer.

Despite the decision, the Blue Grass Council of the Bluegrass says it will forever be grateful for the financial support over the years from the United Way of the Bluegrass.

Armishaw says that other United Way agencies in Kentucky will continue to give money to the Blue Grass Council.

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