UK apologizes for sending personal information in email

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - They admit they made a mistake. The University of Kentucky has issued an apology after an employee accidentally sent out private information about students with disabilities in a mass email.

Students say they received the email Wednesday.

University of Kentucky student Jessica Magers takes some exams at the Disability Resource Center. Magers has ADD and test anxiety. And until this week, hadn't told many people.

"Most of my friends know that I do take my tests separately, but it's not something that I want everyone to know," explained Magers.

A mistake in an email, a wrong attachment by the university, let more than 600 of her fellow students know she's on the disability list.

"It had everyone's full names on it. It had their accommodations. How much longer they got to take the test."

UK did release a statement to WKYT apologizing for the mistake, saying that no other personal information like social security numbers or the nature of the disability was shared.

In the statement, Vice President for Student Affairs Robert Mock wrote:

"The mistake was realized immediately, at which time efforts were made to recall the email," and " we will be reviewing our internal processes as well to mitigate the potential for a reoccurrence of this issue in the future."

The university did send out multiple letters to recall the attachment.

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