EKU kicks rugby club off campus for report of hazing

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - They called the allegations serious, and Thursday night Eastern Kentucky University leaders announced a rugby team accused of hazing must be punished.

WKYT has been tracking this story for nearly a month. EKU just released a report on their investigation, revealing new details about the allegations.

The University Hazing Investigation Committee released their findings Thursday night. They say, don't expect to see men's rugby on campus for at least two years.

The punishment comes as no surprise to students at Eastern Kentucky University. The men's club rugby team - accused of hazing new members last month - learned they would be suspended from campus until August of 2014.

"If they were accused of hazing and they did do it, then that's kind of just their fault. Can't really do much about it," said EKU freshman Nick Howard.

School leaders told WKYT, members of the rugby team admitted to them they used a 2x4 named Betsy to paddle other members. They say those members could then sign Betsy, and were part of the brotherhood after the beating. Someone on campus last month found blood in the room of a freshman they say participated in the paddling.

"No administrator, no university wants to know that these kind of things have happened on their campus. At the same time, I'm pleased to know that someone would step forward and say this is wrong. This should not be happening," explained Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Mike Reagle, "they were a popular group on campus and unfortunately we're not gonna have them for a couple years now."

The men's rugby team will be on probation through the Fall 2015 semester. Probation ends for them on the first day of classes Spring 2016.

WKYT spoke with a member of the rugby team. He calls the findings ridiculous, and says they will appeal the committee's decision.

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