University of Kentucky chosen by production company to put on Phantom of the Opera

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The University of Kentucky Opera Theatre is one of the few chosen schools with the rights to put on The Phantom of the Opera in its entirety.

"This is very special and exciting for us because, one we have been trying to get this show for about ten years," says Dr. Everett McCorvey, the Director of UK's Opera Theatre.

UK Opera Theatre staff say that the New York based production company won't allow just anyone the rights to this show. They want to make sure those that have it do it justice.

Those that are involved at UK say they're excited to put on Phantom of the Opera in a real opera house.

"We're actually going to be using the boxes that are here as part of the show. So people won't be sitting in the boxes, but the phantom will be sitting in the boxes," adds McCorvey.

More than 200 people are involved with this show, including two orchestras and three casts.

McCorvey says, "It's one of the biggest productions that's been in Lexington and we're very proud to be able to produce it here."

UK Opera Theatre staff are excited about one of the most infamous props for this show, the chandelier. It is is built by ZFX, a company based out of Louisville.

"To be able to create the magic of the show for them. It's an awesome chance for us to just be able to work with a college that is in the same state that we're based out of. It's not an opportunity that we usually get to have, " says ZFX Flying Effects staff member, Caitlen Smith.

"While they're shipping these chandeliers all around the world, they don't get to put it in a truck, drive up, to Lexington in their home state and do it. So they were excited about that," says McCorvey.

The UK Opera Theatre has received several phone calls from people wanting to know if the chandelier will crash as it does on Broadway.

"Yes, the chandelier will crash for every performance. So that part is really cool," says McCorvey.

"We're not going to ruin the surprise completely. But it is completely safe. But it does, we'll say crumble," Smith says.

The chandelier is operated by a remote control. It is eight feet wide and four and half feet tall.

Tickets are on sale now. Phantom of the Opera begins next Friday, October 5th.

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