University of Kentucky expands student tailgating

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - University of Kentucky students get to celebrate Homecoming with a little more space.

School leaders are expanding the "Bowl" area for tailgaters at this Saturday's game against Georgia. They're hoping the extra room keeps disorderly conduct, like an incident reported last month, at bay.

UK suspended student tailgating earlier in the year after a fight erupted and an officer was injured. Tuesday, school leaders decided to give people partying in the "Bowl" a little more room, more space to tailgate.

"Basically use the existing area that we've been using for tailgating. Expand it just a little bit up by Sports Center Drive and provide a little more space then for the tents that they want and the ability to have a good time there," explained University of Kentucky's Jay Blanton.

Blanton says there will be rules regarding alcohol, tents, and bands. Police will be in the area.

"We had to send a message. An important safety message a few weeks ago when things happened that everyone agrees were not appropriate and not in keeping with what it means to be a member of the University of Kentucky family."

The expansion covers about a block of space, a block students are hoping helps with the usual tailgating congestion.

"I think we'll have more space and you know it's less crowded and I think people will feel more comfortable that way instead of being cramped. And I think that's why we'll have less fights hopefully," said UK student Rizka Riviante.

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