Update: Body found in Lexington lake is that of 45-year-old man

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)-Lexington Fire Department dive crews swept parts of Lake Ellerslie off Richmond Road looking for more human remains after part of a body was discovered floating there on Saturday afternnon.

Fayette County Coroner Gary Ginn tells WKYT that the body found floating in the water is that of a 45-year-old man.

"It is a possibility that he's been there since last summer because he is skeletalized," Ginn explained.

Ginn says that the body was found wearing a backpack. A personal I.D. was inside the bag, which led investigators to believe that the body was that of a 45-year-old white man.

Identification was not released as police are continuing to investigate.

"The police are looking at this, so I'm sure they're looking at missing persons reports. With the interstate being just beyond the lake, it could be a possible transient person. With this name we have, They're running searches."

A dive team was at the lake Sunday morning to search for anything possibly related to the man. We're told that they found more human remains in the lake, but that they most likely are part of the same man.

The badly decomposed corpse was discovered in the afternoon on Saturday by a groundskeeper with the Lake Ellerslie Fishing Club. He said that he first noticed a pair of shoes floating in the water about fifteen feet from shore. When he realized what he was really seeing, he called the police.

The part of the lake where the man was found floating is not open to the public.

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