Utility crews ready to respond to power outages

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The freezing rain could bring trees down on power lines, and create scattered power outages.

Much of the Bluegrass will see layers of ice in this winter storm.

The latest outages are coming from the Louisville area. So far, no outages have been reported in Central Kentucky.

WKYT crews talked with KU leaders early Sunday. They say they're ready and waiting. Crews are monitoring conditions, and they are prepared to work around the clock to meet customers' needs. KU compared their storm preparations to the big ice storm back in 2003. They say this time, technology is working in their favor.

"It's a much more efficient system this time around. At least in communication. Which means it's gonna be a faster restoration than it was in 2003," explained Cliff Feltham with KU.

We placed a call to East Kentucky Power in Clark County. They do have crews monitoring outages in their area. They say line crews from Georgia have traveled north to Shelbyville to assist with outages.

Blue Grass Energy is reporting several small outages in Central Kentucky at this time. They are receiving help from a line crew headed north from Georgia.

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