Utility pole snaps in half during Lexington storm

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A strong storm caused some frightening moments in a Lexington neighborhood. A utility pole snapped in half nearly falling on a car.

It happened Tuesday afternoon on Cochran Road not far from Chinoe Road in Chevy Chase.

At the peak of the first storm of the evening in Lexington, 2,700 Kentucky Utilities customers were without power. 980 of those people are on Cochran Road.

Those living along this road say they saw lightning and then a utility pole coming right down with it.

"I couldn't tell if it was flashing or like sparks, but I did see some flash," said Lily Crouch, who lives on Cochran Road.

"Very scary, very scary. They said it was going to be awhile," said Jill Crouch, who is Lily's mother.

And it was awhile for Jill Crouch and her daughter Lily who were stuck in their driveway in the middle of the storm.

"We were pulling in the driveway from getting Lily from school, and we heard a big crash and then we saw a bunch of arching in the tube on the wire," said Jill Crouch.

The mother and daughter were surrounded by possibly live power lines and were told not to move.

"And we were going to pull in further but wires were crossing the driveway, so we pulled back and then we saw wires on both sides of the car and called 911 and they said to stay in the car," said Jill Crouch.

With power lines covering their street leaving them without power, many people had nothing else to do other than wait, watch, and wait some more.

Another storm did roll through but didn't cause anymore damage on Cochran Road or anywhere in Lexington. By nightfall, KU crews cleaned up the mess of wires and worked on resetting the utility pole.

KU officials tell us they are also fixing two other cracked poles they found along Cochran Road. More people have been getting their power back on every hour.

At 11 p.m., KU reported less than 500 customers still without power in Lexington.

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