VP Debate preps ramp up

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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - They're calling it "Thrill in the 'Ville, Part 2".

"It sort of feels like a small invasion of our campus," said Centre College senior Koen Hocker.

Twelve years after their first Vice-Presidential debate, Danville and Centre College are ramping up plans for another on Thursday.

"Activities been running high for a while, but it picked up even more this weekend and especially today," said debate co-chair Clarence Wyatt.

Security is especially high this time around.

"It's post-9/11and it's just been a different world that we live in in terms of security since 2001," said Dr. Wyatt.

Students across campus are wearing ID cards, so that security officers know they belong there.

"I'm not going to lie, it kind of looks like a prison and it almost feels like a prison...Our cars are parked 25 minutes away so we're kind of stuck on campus," said Hocker.

But even with the extra security hassles, students say they wouldn't trade it for anything. Centre officials say the event will be a learning experience.

"Rather than seeing it as a distraction or interruption, it's just an enhancement," said Dr. Wyatt.

Street closures will be ongoing this week, with most of the area around campus shut down by Thursday. People who live in those areas, though, don't seem to mind.

"We can live with that. It's no problem. We're really excited about this week, to tell you the truth," said Paul Smiley.