VP debate coming to Kentucky next week

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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - One week from tomorrow, the vice presidential candidates will hold their only debate at Centre College in Danville.

As students there watched tonight's presidential debate, they couldn't help but look ahead to next week.

The scenery doesn't usually look like it does now at Centre College, but those fences aren't the only things settling in.

"Our students are really starting to feel it now. And I think it's just really exciting for all of us to feel that palpable sense of excitement now," said Patrick Noltemeyer, who is the associate dean of students at Centre College.

The vice presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan is scheduled for next Thursday here in the Commonwealth.

They say they are ahead of the game.

"There's still a lot of work to do," said Noltemeyer. "A lot of sleepless nights between now and then, but we feel really good about where we are."

But with thousands expected in town starting Friday, planning for everything just isn't possible.

The preparations started just a year ago when they were told they were hosting this debate, but with one under their belt back in 2000, they say it's nothing Danville hasn't seen before.

"We kind of knew a little bit about what to expect and kind of the magnitude of preparations that would be required, so we've been working on it for months," said Noltemeyer. "Now that it's only a little over a week away, it's pretty exciting to see everything come into fruition."

A watching party kicked off the hype tonight with the presidential debate giving the campus a glimpse of what to expect next week.

You'll be able to watch the vice presidential debate Thursday, October 11 at 9 p.m. live on WKYT.

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