Home on State Street burns down after UK celebrations

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A fire that started Tuesday morning around 5 a.m. tore through a vacant house on State Street shortly after NCAA Championship celebrations.

Firefighters were able to knock out the fire in less than 30 minutes. The battalion chief on the scene said the fire was mostly in the walls and floors of the home.

The battalion chief also said that given the State Street celebrations, they're treating the fire as suspicious.

"We had quite a celebration tonight, or de-celebration I guess you would say, from the loss from the Cats, which we were all unhappy about," said battalion chief Jeff Nantz. "But given that situation, it is a vacant house, I think it's pretty safe to say it's going to be looked at pretty hard by our investigators. I would lean towards suspicious."

The statistics from State Street Monday night were still substantial given UK's loss. Lexington police made 31 arrests overnight and officers say the number is still growing. According to city officials, there were 17 couch fires around State Street and 18 injuries.

Most of the injuries were not serious, and were treated at the scene.

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