Vaccine in demand following flu-related death in Georgetown

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Georgetown, Ky. (WKYT) - Just a few days after complications from the flu killed a 10-month-old boy, doctors in Georgetown say they're seeing a lot of interest in the flu shot.

Every fall, health care providers try to get the word out about flu shots.

"We do the best we can to let people know that no matter what happens, the flu is going to be here every year and we want you to be prepared," said pediatrician Dr. Horace Hambrick.

However, they say there are always people who just don't get it done.

"It's an amazing psychology. We know that the flu is going to come every year, and for some reason, we get surprised every year when it does come," Hambrick said.

"It's very frustrating because you're trying to help your patients. I want the best for every individual out there and I'm offering them a solution to have a better, healthy winter flu season," said nurse practitioner Rohan Alexander.

Too often, they say it takes tragedy to convince them. A 10-month-old Georgetown boy died after complications from the flu on Tuesday. Ever since, they say they've had a lot of people wanting the shots.

"Individuals are very concerned, especially mothers. They are bringing the children in, who before I saw in the past, who opted out of the flu vaccine," Alexander said.

They say they've got plenty of the vaccine to go around and they say now might be the perfect time to get it done before they start seeing more cases.

"Once they've been back in school for about a week, we'll begin to see a lot more flu and that'll stay that way until we have another weather event that'll close things down for a few days," Hambrick said.

Doctors recommend the vaccination for everyone, ages 6 months old and up.

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