Valley View Ferry re-opens on weekends
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- With a storied history, the future finally looks 'ducky' for the Valley View ferry.

"It's a very nice ferry,' commented Walter Anderson, as he loaded a car onto the ferry. "The view is fantastic!"

For a time, there were only two licensed captains fit to pilot this ship which runs between Fayette, Jessamine and Madison Counties.

When one retired in June, hours, including those on the weekends, were cut.

But that got Anderson's wheels turning and he decided he'd train to help keep this operation afloat.

"Just being on the water. I love the water."

Saturday's hours went swimmingly for the trainee and he says he should be fully licensed by the Coast Guard to run the boat within a week or so.

"Yeah--it's just a chance for me to get out, get my feet wet. A dry run."

Elizabeth Bridge: As Anderson Continues to train, he says it's all been worth while and the hours today came as a nice surprise for those who use the Valley View Ferry everyday.

"It was a surprise--I wasn't expecting it to open till next week!" exclaimed Charles Lamb, who lives near the bank and heard the boat running.

Lamb says paddling through his commutes each day saves lots of time and there's no other way to navigate his day.

"Every day! Every day of my life, I reckon!"

A third captain is in training now.

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