Vandals damage cars on Waller Avenue

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The vandalism happened near the intersection of Waller Avenue and Limestone.

Some victims say they'll have to fork out a lot of cash to fix the damage.

Benjamin Bradshaw and his girlfriend Micheala Wallingford had a bad start to their morning.

"We walked out here early in the morning about 10:00 a.m. saw tires and its just flat look up from tire cops everywhere, people were upset really bad," said Bradshaw.

Cars parked in this apartment complex behind Waller Avenue were slashed and keyed between last Friday night into Saturday morning.

Bradshaw says about 12 cars and 20 tires punctured.

"As you can see I have a brand new tire they slashed it had to get one to make it to work to pay for new one," Bradshaw says.

By the time he bought a new tire and paid for towing, Bradshaw was out $120.

His girlfriend's back tire was hit, she's out $120 as well.

For these college kids that's a lot of money. Hannah Greenwell's '97 Ford pickup may have the worse damage.

"These are the key marks from where they got the door they also slashed all four tires and marks on the hood as well," Greenwell says.

She's out $500.

Not to mention the driver side door and the tailgate. In the middle of studying for finals this is the last thing these students need as a distraction.

"Maybe they thought they were having fun but it wasn't fun for me," Greenwell says.

"Just to be honest is people who don't think about other people's belongings or possessions or the consequences of their actions and I wish they would,' Bradshaw says.

Lexington police also say cars in the Audubon Avenue area were damaged as well.

At this time no one has been arrested.

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