Vandals damage property across Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Jason Hill walked out his front door to a mess this morning.

"I thought it was some neighbor kids, and I happened to look out and seen both my cars spray painted," Hill told WKYT. He continued,
"Look up and down the street, see everybody else's stuff is spray painted."

It wasn't until he heard about similar damage done across town to a home on Burkewood Drive, that he put two and two together.
The woman living at the Burkewood home said she thinks the damage was done to her vehicles and home front after one this morning.
It's the same two colors used on multiple cars on Barksdale Drive.

"Why mess up my stuff, his neighbors stuff over, you know what I'm sayin?
Y'all got beef, you know what I'm sayin? Keep that towards y'all. We ain't got nothin to do with that, you know what I mean? My neighbors ain't got nothin to do with it," Hill said.

Hill believes the person responsible is his brother's ex-girlfriend. He said a neighbor saw three women leaving the scene in a car shortly after the damage was done.

"Yeah, I still gotta paint this one all over again, cause it stripped this paint where I tried to get it off there first. Then my other car right here. So yeah, it's still gonna cost me a lot of money just to get these repainted," Hill said, looking at his cars.

Police visited both scenes, but so far no arrests have been made.

Both victims we spoke to said they were going to press charges.

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