Powell County vandals forced to clean up paintball mess

STANTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Sheriff's deputies say a group of teens hit more than 20 homes and vehicles with paintballs Monday and Tuesday. The parents of those vandals are helping police make sure they clean up their mess.

One of the victims, Rayna Robbins, had to clean up before she could open her dog grooming business Tuesday morning.

"There was like orange stuff running down the door," Robbins said. "It didn't even occur to me that it was paintball, I was just like, ugh."

After talking to police she learned she wasn't the only victim.

"As the day progressed we started getting more and more calls," said Deputy Martin Tipton with the Powell County Sheriff's Department.

At least 20 victim's came forward. Deputies began finding orange paintballs splattered around the county. One of those victims recognized the vehicle that sped away after a young man used a slingshot to launch one of the balls. Police found the car, and the four teens responsible shortly after.

"They didn't have any problem with admitting what they had done," Tipton said.

But they did have a problem admitting it to their parents.

"One fella would have rather went to jail than have his dad called," he said.

The low velocity of the slingshot kept the paintballs from doing any permanent damage so the four teens most likely wont face any charges, but they will face each of the people whose property they shot with paint. The parents of the four young men plan on having them make a trip to every place where they sent one of those paint balls flying.

"We have compiled a list for them so they can go back and offer their apologies and clean up their mess and that's a life lesson that's more valuable than they could have got in a court room," Tipton said.

They four will also be cleaning up the high school and middle school, which were blasted multiple times.

"I think they actually took care of the gym today and they've got a couple more days of it yet to come," Tipton said.

Rayna Robbins says she expects a visit in the next few days.

"They'll probably think twice before doing it again," she said. "That'll be humiliating so that'll be a good way to teach them a lesson."

"The parents really stepped up here, they did a really good job," Tipton said. "Honestly, by them taking control of the situation and stepping up, they probably prevented them from being charged."

Deputies believe there are more victims who either haven't called police, or haven't discovered the paint on their property.

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