Vandals leave "colorful" language on nearly a dozen cars

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Some cars in a Georgetown neighborhood got an unwanted paint job. Some vehicles had bright yellow spray paint on the windows, but others had much worse.

"This is awful! Why would someone do that?" remarked Brittaney Riddle, who stood looking at a curse word sprayed onto a car out front of her aunt's home.

Some people found words like the "N" word, one van had a profane phrase, and then the car in front of the home Riddle was in had a misguided attempt to spell the "B" word.

"Yeah, and it wasn't spelled correctly. It makes me think it might have been someone younger," figured Riddle.

"Apparently, there were a lot of other cars that got it. I know several of my neighbors on this street had blue paint on their cars, as well as, yellow spray paint," stated Adam Reese, who lives a block over and found his white car with a bright yellow "N" word.

Reese went on to say his neighbor a few doors down was spared from any profanity, but had his new SUV covered in blue paint.

Another family, which found their van with a bad phrase written on it, didn't want to go on camera, but says the wife took the car on a trip to Louisville before realizing there was a message on the back door.

Police say ten cars were vandalized around the Bradford Subdivision. Neighbors noticed the trend went even further.

"People's cars, mailboxes, garage doors, front doors," listed Reese, of the damage he'd seen, adding the vandals had a preference, "It was white cars on this street."

Another victim did not want to go on camera, but tells WKYT that he heard what sounded like girls laughing outside his home around midnight last night. This morning he found spray paint on his garage door. He says luckily he was able to clean it up.

"It's very frustrating," chimed in Reese, who said he spent several hours removing the paint.

Many of the victims had luck cleaning off the blue and yellow paint, but it still left them seeing red.

Police say they haven't made any arrests but are investigating the vandalism spree.

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