Vandals target Lexington golf course

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Something you'd normally find in the kitchen caused a mess at a Lexington golf course.

Pros at Gay Brewer, Jr. Golf Course say a group of teens poured baking soda on some of the greens, damaging them. Now they're trying to stop more acts of vandalism from happening this summer.

"Saw the kids run out onto the golf course and throw the powder onto the greens. We weren't sure what it was, then we found the empty packets," explained Director of Golf for Lexington Parks and Recreation Mike Fields, "baking soda actually can be used as a weed killer. It's a bicarbonate that takes the moisture out of the leaf plant. And actually turned our greens completely black."

To prevent the grass from turning black, Fields had a crew water it around the clock.

"Got a leaf blower and blew the baking powder off the green and then we just soaked them down really really good."

He considers his crew lucky this time.

"If you get into the loss of turf then you really can't put a price on it because you don't know how it's gonna affect your revenue. And you really can't put a cost on replacing greens."

Vandals have pulled other pranks in the past.

"Went joyriding in our golf carts one evening too," noted Fields.

"The overall harassment that they cause to our golfers, or our customers, people are gonna be turned off by that."

Fields says they do take all acts of vandalism seriously. They report each case to police.

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