Vandals target a Lexington neighborhood's trees

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We're tracking the investigation into some unusual vandalisms in a Lexington neighborhood.

Some people on Carolina Lane and Savannah Lane in the Beaumont area say the vandals cut down some small trees and threw one of them in a pool. But that wasn't all they damaged.

Dory Horne's tree was cut down but not stolen, and nothing else was touched unlike her neighbor.

"At one point, it's kind of comical!" said Dory Horne, who is a victim of this vandalism. "You're thinking there's a tree on my front porch!"

The small tree, missing its stump, was placed right in front of Horne's door which was an unusual surprise on Sunday morning.

"I opened the door and the tree limbs came through into our house," said Horne.

It's an odd crime no matter where you live, and it has left this particular neighborhood speechless and asking why.

"When you see a tree on a front porch just standing there, it's just not what you see every day," said Horne. "You don't even think of a tree standing on a front porch. It's just not the normal place for a tree unless it's in a pot."

But the Horne family and their tree were not the only ones targeted in the Beaumont area. At another home in the same neighborhood, a tree was cut down and thrown into that family's pool. Police tell us their mailbox was also smashed.

People living there are not too sure how to react, but they tell us that they have their own suspicions of who could be the tree bandit.

"There were several schools in the area that were having their prom night, and that's all wonderful," said Horne. "But it just breaks my heart to think that children don't have anything better to do at three or four in the morning."

Without any suspects, these neighbors say they will just replant and move on, hoping no other suspicious vandalisms pop back up.

Police say those responsible for these crimes will face criminal mischief charges.

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