Varney defeats Tingle-Sames for Georgetown Mayor

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It's a reversal of fortunes for the next mayor of Georgetown. Everette Varney has defeated incumbent Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames after losing to her in the last election.

As the former mayor once again became Mayor-elect, Varney celebrated surrounded by supporters. "This is a great evening. It's a great ending to a great day," Varney said.

With less than an hour to go before polls closed, Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames felt relaxed and relieved to be putting the election behind her. "It has been a really rough campaign with each other because I think we both know this is an important campaign for Georgetown," Tingle-Sames said, "so we've both tried really hard, and so yes, at least that will be over tonight regardless."

The mayor recognized that along with many races across the country, an anti-incumbent mood among voters gave her an uphill battle. "Even though my opponent is an incumbent too, but I'm the fresh one with the fresh record, and we as Americans have a tendency to have a short memory, and so they've kind of forgotten what the challenges that he had and the things that he did while he was here in office, so it does make it a little bit more difficult."

Even as the first numbers were revealed, people could already see which way the results were leaning. "Our police department, our 911 center, we have desperate needs there, and these are the things we're going to have to take a very serious look at when I convene with the new council," Varney said.

But as he looked to the days ahead, Varney and his supporters made this a night to celebrate. "There's nothing like celebrating a victory," Varney said, "I'm an old coach, and I've been through wins and losses, and I can tell you wins, I don't care how close they are, wins outnumber the feelings you get from a loss tremendously."

Varney says he admires Tingle-Sames for running a tough race and looks forward to sitting down with her. Tingle-Sames tells us she wishes the incoming mayor the best of luck.

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