Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement targeting tailgaters

RICHMOND, Ky (WKYT) - You see them on the road, officers clocking your speed, but some of those radar guns can also detect another illegal driving behavior.

Officers with Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement tell us they pull people over every day who are driving illegally and don't even know it.

"The truck was 86.7 feet from the front bumper of the first vehicle to the front bumper of the second vehicle," Officer Jed Hudson said Tuesday afternoon as he used a device known as a LIDAR to measure the distance between two vehicles on I75.

At those speeds, on a wet road, he says that's not enough distance to safely stop.

"You see how dangerous it is and you see cars and trucks following way too close," said Officer Chad Mayes.

Mayes says riding another driver's bumper on the interstate can have deadly consequences and, along with speeding, it's a type of behavior they're targeting.

"We pull people over and they have no idea that that's even a charge in the state of Kentucky," Mayes said.

Commercial vehicles are also targeted by KVE. On Tuesday trucks were pulled off the interstate to make sure their weight was within the legal limit. But even properly loaded semi's have a hard time stopping quickly.

"When you cut off a commercial vehicle that weighs 80,000 pounds, if you cause them to lose control, you could impact 15 or 20 cars," Mayes said.

But not every stop ends with a ticket. Mayes says many of their stops are used as opportunities to educate aggressive drivers.

The officers say drivers should leave a minimum of three seconds following distance behind other vehicles, and even more when driving on wet roads.

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