Boil water advisory affects Versailles business

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VERSAILLES, Ky. (WKYT) - At Callie's Homestyle Restaurant, in Versailles, getting an order of the Thursday night special isn't hard, but getting a glass of water is bit more challenging.

"We can't use the water dispensers, we have to buy bottled water," said owner Judy Martin, adding, "It's a little hectic, but we want to keep everybody safe. So you know, you have to do what you have to do."

Martin isn't the only one, though. All of Versailles is under a boil water advisory after a power outage was discovered at around 8 a.m. Thursday at the pump station on the Kentucky River. The loss of the station left the water levels extremely low.

"State law requires that we issue a boil water advisory when that occurs," explained Bart Miller, the city's Public Works Director, clarifying, "A boil water advisory is precautionary. There's no proof that anything is wrong with the water that's in the lines right now."

The city recommends everyone boil their water for one minute if it's going to be used for cooking or drinking, otherwise water for bathing or washing clothes is considered safe.

After word spread to Martin and the restaurant, she had to switch up the way things worked.

"We needed to make sure that we boiled all of our water for cooking, for coffee, for the tea. We have to empty the ice container, we can't use any of the ice, we have to go buy new ice."

The advisory is expected to be lifted Friday afternoon, but even after it's lifted the work is not over for Martin and her staff.

"Tomorrow I have to make sure that I do a load of ice, empty it, then disinfect it and start all over again," she described, "Everything has to be cleaned and disinfected after."

That cost adds up she continued, "Having an extra staff person to do that, just to make sure everything is getting boiled and safe, and the dishwater is safe and sanitized."

However, the cost is worth it because Martin would rather her customers be talking about the special and not the water.

The boil water advisory and request to conserve water include water customers in the city of Versailles, the Northeast Woodford Water District and the South Woodfood Water District.

Even though the problem was corrected by late Thursday afternoon, state law mandates the boil water advisory not be lifted under 24 hours of tests have been completed on the water supply.

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