Veteran in critical condition after allegedly "sucker punched" by 24-year-old

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) A single punch has changed a man’s life forever. A central Kentucky Air force Veteran is still in the hospital two weeks after being badly injured outside a Lexington restaurant.

The family of 56-year-old Victor Dykes says he was sucker punched and suffered serious brain injuries.

"He has some brain damage. Some parts of his brain are bruised," said Victor’s mother, Lillian Stinnett.

The severe injuries Victor suffered happened when he least expected it.

"Victor didn't even have a chance to brace himself," Stinnett told us.
Police say it all happened when Victor was walking to his motorcycle after picking up a pizza at Goodfella’s on South Limestone the night of June 20th.

"Some boys were bothering his motorcycle so he said something to them and two mouthed off at him but the third one came up behind him and gave a knockout punch or sucker-punch. He was out before he hit the concrete."

Ten days later, police arrested 24-year-old Aaron Carrithers, charging him with first degree assault.

Victor's mother thinks this incident was an example of a growing trend known as the "Knockout" game, where the goal is to randomly knock a stranger unconscious with a single punch.

"This is going to be a fad now to go around and do this sucker punch and this knockout punch and they don't count on someone waiting in a hospital for years."

A sick game with life-altering consequences.

"He's ruined his life, he's ruined my son's life and he's ruined my life and his family's life and he shouldn't feel very proud because he knocked out a 56-year-old veteran."

Victor Dyke's mother says the full extent of his brain damage won't be determined for at least six more months.

Aaron Carrithers is due back in court on July 17th.

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