Veteran memorial named for fallen teacher unveiled in Whitley County

WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - On this Veterans Day a new veterans memorial was dedicated in Whitley County.

It's named for a veteran who was also a state lawmaker and a high school teacher.

DeWayne Bunch died last year, more than a year after suffering serious injuries trying to break up a fight between students.

Regina Bunch, DeWayne's wife, says, "He felt like it was an honor to serve, and he felt it was an honor to be a soldier."

Words were said about service and sacrifice.

A Courtyard of Patriots, named for one who served for decades in the National Guard who was also a teacher, Kentucky lawmaker and family man.

Regina Bunch, DeWayne's wife, says, "My grandchildren can come and sit and now, that was their papaw. He thought they hung the moon. He would think that was neat them sitting there."

Many of those who served were there, but today's service was also for those who could not be there.

An empty chair was left for those who haven't returned.

Sgt. Donald Gross says, "May we remain vigilant in our efforts to account for the patriotic men and women until they are all accounted for or are brought home."

Named for one, yet not possible without the duty of many.

The Courtyard of Patriots was paid for through donations and fundraising, primarily from Whitley County High School students and the JROTC.

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