Victim of alleged razor attack fears attacker could strike again

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The bruises are beginning to fade and the gashes are starting to heal. But, the memory of the attack is still fresh in eighteen-year-old Nicole Kyaw's mind.

It's been almost a week, and Kyaw says that police have not made any arrests.

Kyaw says she only knew her attacker from Facebook. Kyaw says she has an ex-boyfriend in common with the woman who attacked her, "She would write me about me doing modeling. She would tell me oh you know you're ugly, you need to do sit ups."

But, Kyaw says she never expected the harassment on the computer to turn into a physical attack. She says having her face repeatedly slashed with a razor inside Fayette Mall is something, she never saw coming, "With her doing this out in the open and her before bold about it, it's kind of scary because I don't know what else she can do next."

Kyaw is concerned her attacker could strike again because the two girls she says did this to her have not been arrested.

"I don't want to go anywhere alone right now because I don't feel safe," says Kyaw.

Kyaw hopes the incident that she says happened inside the mall won't affect her future modeling career, "I'm very concerned. I'm kind of nervous that my scars aren't going to go away."

Kyaw is determined to put what happened to her in the past, "I'm definitely not going to let this stop me from what I want to do. This is my dream. Since I was young, I wanted to do modeling. I can't have this little thing hold me back."

Kyaw says her attacker didn't act alone. She says another woman held her arms back while the attacker slashed her face with a razor. She believes both should be arrested for the incident.

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