Murder victim's father talks about daughter's death 15 years later

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We're hearing from the father of a teen murdered 15 years ago.

Jessica Dishon was killed in Bullitt County in 1999. Two weeks after her disappeared her body was found beaten and strangled miles away from her home. Last year, police arrested and charged her uncle Stanley Dishon, 55.

After a hearing today, Jessica's father talked about his brother's alleged involvement.

Last month, sheets from Jessica's bed were identified in a barn building... about a mile from where her body was found.

On Wednesday, Bucky Brooks was also in the courtroom watching the proceedings.

Brooks was originally charged with Jessica's murder, but those charges were later dropped because of lack of evidence.

Jessica's father says at this point he just wants closure.

"I want to find out who killed my daughter. They say my brother did it, maybe he did it i don't know. If he did do it I want to see him hang if he didn't do it I want to see him turned loose."

Stanley Dishon's murder trial is scheduled to take place later this year, he is already serving time on a sodomy conviction.

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