Family still picking up pieces after Marion County tornado

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MARION COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - "Attention to rescue and ambulance personnel, there has been a trailer blown over," a dispatcher says calmly and collected, on January 30th.

But for the Colvin family, in Marion County, that moment in their life was far from being either calm or collected.

"There's an EMS worker on the other side of you trying to walk up, he's blocked where the lines are down," the dispatcher later assured a caller at the scene.

"Ten years was gone in a matter of seconds," reflects Pamela Colvin, looking at the mangled mess where her home once stood.

An EF-0 tornado seemed to drop out of the sky and onto their trailer leaving very little behind, and, yet, everything around them stayed intact.

"We still talk about it everyday, wondering how it can hit one home and other places behind you or beside you doesn't get touched," said Colvin.

Despite the mystery of the natural force, the reality is the family is still having to stay in a motel room. While their lives have been turned upside down, they say they're lucky to have been spared.

"This stuff, here, it's replaceable but our lives aren't."

When the tornado hit, it threw each family member in a different direction injuring their youngest son, Tyler, who just had a birthday on Monday.

"He went out the window and the side, front of the house."

On the 9-1-1 call, a man describes the injury to the dispatcher, "Yeah, it got blowed over and it cut my little nephew was in it, and it cut his ankle and his leg. he cut it pretty bad, too."

"It's like a nightmare," described Colvin who says Tyler's ankle was cut to the bone, but he's okay.

The nightmare continues for the young boy.

"He's scared that we're gone from him and everything," said his father, Jeremy Colvin, adding that the boy wakes up often during the night.

Tyler, in his own words, can only express how much he misses having a home.

"I'm sad that the house is gone, I wanted to stay in that house forever."

Still, life goes on and the family is determined to pick up the pieces and carry on.

"We try to go day by day," said Pamela Colvin.

Since the tornado wrecked the home, the family decided to burn what they could not salvage.

An account has been set up with Citizen's Bank in Campbellsville to help the Colvins recover.

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