Vigil held for murder victim while search for suspect continues

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Lexington, Ky (WKYT) -A family gathered in Cardinal Valley Park tonight, but one member was missing. That person is twenty-two-year-old, Anthony Logan, who was gunned down outside of a Lexington apartment complex Saturday night.

"It's been kind of hard for me these past few days, I kind of broke down yesterday," says Thomas Raglin, Logan's father.

Raglin says he is trying to be strong for the rest of his family. After losing his son, he believes something needs to be done to put an end to the violence, "They really need to take the guns off the streets but I know it's hard to get the guns off the street. But, that's part of the reason."

Raglin marched with family and friends through Logan's neighborhood to spread that message.

They walked from the park to the site, where Logan was shot.

Logan's twenty third birthday would have been tomorrow. His family and friends say a memorial is not what they had planned for it.

"The time to start praying is now. And we need all of the prayers we can get to take us through it. You know cause right now is a sad case," says Jenny Cotton, Logan's aunt.

Funeral arrangements are still pending for Anthony Logan.

Lexington Police are still searching for the suspect, Brandon Bailey. They say he will face a murder charge.

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