Vigil held on one-year anniversary of father's death

LEXINGTON , Ky. (WKYT) - Family and friends are calling it a final goodbye on the night of the one-year anniversary of a man's murder.

Vincent Miles was killed last year outside a home on Elm Tree Lane, during a series of shootings in Lexington. Ten people were shot in an eight-day span.

Tonya Reed called the vigil Thursday night a final farewell to Vincent Miles, the father of four.

"Beautiful character. Thirty four years blessed when he passed away," says Reed.

Reed organized the vigil that brought dozens together Thursday night. All were there to light candles, and remember the man they lost one year ago to the day.

"I pray to God that he's resting in peace knowing that he didn't die in vain."

The vigil wasn't just for remembering Vincent Miles. Reed held it to remind others of the need for community support, and neighborly love. Her brother died in the midst of a lot of violence - ten people were shot during an eight-day span.

"From last year at this time versus this year at this time some shootings and stuff have occurred here lately, and it's almost just like a recap. And we don't want to relive these issues over and over and over again," explains Reed, "there's always gonna be violence but we want to have peaceful neighborhood, peaceful developments, and just bring the community together as a whole to be able to achieve these things."

Miles's family hopes Thursday night's vigil will be the first of many community gatherings to come.

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