Vigil set for Danville triple murder victims

SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - It has been almost one year since a triple murder that shocked people in several central and southern Kentucky communities.

On September 20th, it will be one year since Michael and Angela Hockensmith and Daniel Smith were murdered in a Danville pawn shop.

The Hockensmiths were from Pulaski County and that's where their mothers tell WKYT about the year of pain they have gone through, and the message they want shared on the one year anniversary of the tragedy.

Families of the married couple killed in their business, their Danville pawn shop, will gather on the Somerset town square on September 20th.

Mothers of Michael and Angela Hockensmith are calling it a vigil, a memorial to the couple that meant so much to so many

Michael and Angela Hockensmith were the owners of ABC Gold, Games and More. On the morning of September 20th, 2013 the two along with gold broker Daniel Smith were shot and killed.

Michael and Angela's two young children, Andrew and Naomi, witnessed the violence. Barbara Lewis says Michael was her youngest son. Charlene Worley says Angela was her only child.

"I want people to remember Mike and Angie for what they were. They were Godly people. They worshiped the Lord with everything in them. Raised their children in the same way," Barbara Lewis, Michael's mother, says.

"They have ministered to so many people in their ministry. It is not worth losing a children, but it makes it worthwhile," Charlene Worley, Angela's mother, says.

The two grandmothers have taken on the role as primary caregivers for the Hockensmith's children, Andrew and Naomi.

Andrew is having a hard time because of what he saw that day but his grandmothers say he has turned a tragedy into a desire to want to do good.

The memorial vigil in honor of the Hockensmith's will take place on the Somerset fountain square at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 20.

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