"It Gets Better" vigil to stand up against bullying

Dozens huddled together in Phoenix Park to support Lexington teens picked on for being gay, fighting to fend off bullies.

"If something happens I'll go home and be crying and she's just like 'oh baby' and she'll hug me and just let me cry," says bullying victim Audrey Linville.

Linville finds the strength to stand up against the discrimination in her mother Sandy.

"It's very hard, but we get through it together," says Sandy Linville. " What is my family gonna say? What are my friends gonna say? The neighbors I've had for twenty years, the people I've gone to church with. What if they tell me that I've done a bad thing by raising her? What did I do wrong? So it is very risky and you're very isolated."

The Linvilles have the support of a community, one now raising awareness of the dangerous effects of intolerance and raising money for groups dedicated to helping victims of discrimination.

The It Gets Better campaign is raising money for the Trevor Project, a suicide prevention hotline for gay and questioning youth. They took up donations for the organization at the vigil, and will continue to accept donations Friday night at Soundbar.

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