Volunteers clear Lexington park

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - More than a hundred volunteers took advantage of the great weather this weekend and spruced up a local park in Lexington.

Folks with Habitat for Humanity, Parks and Recreation, Lexington Police, and Center Point Church worked to clean up Martin Luther King Park Saturday.

"This is number one a safety project. We want our kids and our families to have safe parks in which they can walk and bike and play," explained Rachel Smith Childress with Habitat for Humanity, "this is such a beautiful area. It's got so much green space. And it's got the playground and it's got the softball field. There have been football leagues here. There are bike paths, there are walking paths."

Childress coordinated clean up inside the Brookfield Chase neighborhood and at Martin Luther King Park. Together, volunteers mowed lots and cleaned out brush, ivy, and vine.

"There's been danger in the parks, so it's been wonderful for us to come in and clear it out," noted Center Point Church lead pastor Tim Parsons, "the most fun part if you're a pastor is to go out and just watch what people are doing. We work too, but it's been fun to go out and just see the sense of accomplishment."

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