Volunteers donate coats to shelter dogs braving cold

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT)- With biting temperatures every night, volunteers at the Franklin County Humane Society say the forecast has gone to the dogs.

"Even with our heating system, it's still been cold,' explained shelter employee Lauren Bailey, as she held two energetic puppies. "So, our volunteers donated 60 coats."

The puffy winter coats come in a variety of colors and sizes, helping to fend off the stone-cold conditions some of the dogs face daily.

"We have dogs that are unfortunately living outside right now due to overcrowding. When we get things like this, it makes it a lot easier on us to know our dogs are warm," Bailey said.

The shelter has had significant financial strain because of two hoarding cases in the last several months. In the most recent case, they ended up taking in 16 dogs ans 7 cats. Employees say these coats not only make the animals feel warm and fuzzy, they do too.

"I feel like they're given love and they know it," Patti Sharp, a volunteer, said. "They get so excited when they put them on--they're finally warm."

Patti Sharp and Bronwyn Miller run the "New Leash on Life" thrift store. They donate all proceeds back to the shelter. They took up special donations to buy the coats for the one-dog nights this winter.

"They needed them desperatly," Miller said. "Some were over here shivering."

Sharp continued, "If we can find them all loving homes, that would be perfect."

It would be a happily ever after these volunteers say would give them goosebumps.

To donate or adopt an animal, call the shelter at 502-875-7297 or visit the shelter at 1041 Kentucky Avenue.

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