Voters to decide replacement for David Williams' seat Tuesday

CORBIN/MONTICELLO, Ky. (WKYT) - Since 1987 David Williams has represented the 16th recent years he was the chamber’s most high profile member.

Now Repulican Sara Beth Gregory and Democrat Bill Conn are vying for the seat representing 6 counties straddling the Kentucky Tenessee Line.

“Living in that part of the state, they can see Tennessee is growing more quickly than Kentucky is,” said Rep. Sara Beth Gregory, D-Monticello.

“People are concerned about jobs…the economy,” Gregory said.

Her challenger is Bill Conn, a Williamsburg teacher and business owner. He echoes the need for an improved economy but also stresses the local drug problem.

“Number one is to get jobs, number 2 is to get people clean,” said Conn.

Both candidates expect turnout to be very low. Conn says he doesn’t see any better than 5 to 7% turnout of registered voters. Gregory says there might be about 10% turnout.

Conn spent Thursday meeting with potential voters at Corbin’s Dixie Café in Corbin. Gregory is planning a bus tour of the district Saturday.

Whoever is elected will face a variety of controversial issues, including possibly casino gambling…which has failed to gain support in the Senate chamber.

“I am opposed to casino gambling. I think that is the view of the majorty of the people in the district,” said Gregory.

“As a Baptist deacon I would be opposed to casino gambling, but 90% want to vote on the issue,” said Conn.

The winner will start serving in the Gen. Assembly that starts January 8th.

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