WKYT Exclusive: Rapper arrested for rape pleads not guilty

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We're bringing you an undercover operation that's been months in the making. Fayette County sheriff's deputies got a man to travel from New York to Lexington where they served a felony warrant for rape. Deputies tell us the rape happened six months ago. And now, the aspiring rapper, also known as Reshawn Vega, is behind bars.

No girl was actually waiting to meet Lamar Brazzle, 25, to go along with the aspiring rapper to a music video that he was in town to shoot. Instead, there were about a dozen Fayette County sheriff's deputies hidden in nearby apartments to arrest Brazzle. On Saturday evening at a Lexington apartment complex, Brazzle arrived unaware of what was about to happen.

Sheriff's deputies say DNA results connected him to a rape about six months ago in Lexington.

"In the morning, the victim woke up. Mr. Brazzle was holding her down," said Major Jay Pittman, with Fayette County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say they knew they had Brazzle but needed him in Lexington to serve the warrant and make the arrest. That's when this sting operation was organized to get Brazzle to Lexington.

Sheriff's deputies and investigators say they posed as a woman online, promising to go with Brazzle to a music video shoot and hang out afterwards in Lexington.

"In the last week or so, the sheriff's office made contact with Lamar Brazzle on social networking," said Major Pittman. "We contacted him with an undercover account and had some conversations with him."

Officials say Brazzle drove all the way from New York only to be welcomed by handcuffs.

"We got him to a location, and we affected the arrest on Mr. Brazzle for the felony rape first degree warrant," said Major Pittman. "He also had a small amount of narcotics on his person."

Brazzle is charged with possession of marijuana and first degree rape. He's booked in the Lexington-Fayette County Detention Center on a $10,100 cash bond.

Brazzle was arraigned on Monday, pleading not guilty to those two charges.

After contacting the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, WKYT has learned that Lamar Brazzle spent some time in a Florida jail for cocaine-related charges. A spokeswoman for the department said that for some criminal offenses, a DNA sample is required from the offender.

After being released from the Florida Department of Corrections, he listed his address in Buffalo, New York.

Brazzle was also charged with DUI and a drug offense here in Fayette County back in 2012.

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