WKYT Investigates: Kentucky's rolling meth labs

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Former London Police Chief Stewart Walker remembered one meth lab crime scene more than a decade ago, where the fumes were so strong, he said it smelled like rotten eggs. "We were there a lengthy period of time," he recalled.

He was on the scene of an active meth lab. He said it was back in the days before law enforcement officers completely understood the dangers of meth labs. "I woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air. I thought I was choking to death," he said.

It would take weeks to figure out that scene was the reason he was choking. "I was having these spasms that were actually closing my airway off so I was basically suffocating," Walker explained.

Walker said now law enforcement uses even greater caution when dealing with meth labs, because their experience shows the chemicals used to make meth stick around long after arrests are made.

"They continue to find these meth labs all the time," Representative Hubert Collins of Johnson County has pre-filed a bill requiring all vehicles that have carried an active meth lab be scrapped. "I think it should be crushed and gotten it off the road."

Former Chief Walker said, "That chemical gets into the seats, the upholstery, the vehicle itself, and you just can't clean that stuff out."

"It's tough to get it back to where it's safe for anybody to occupy," Rep. Collins said. This is the second time he's introduced this bill to get rid of vehicles that at one time had a meth lab as cargo. The first time had house support, he said, but fizzled in the senate. Now, he's filed it again. "It didn't hurt anybody, didn't cost anybody any money other than the people that owned the vehicle, and they're responsible for getting it in a condition where they made meth in it so why shouldn't it be taken away?"

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