WKYT Investigates: An insider's take on Lexington's crime wave

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Brannon Dunn says he's a product of his environment. He grew up in the east end of Lexington.

"I was selling drugs. I was robbing. I was doing all of that," Dunn explained.

He said he was shot days before he was to marry. It was his wife, he said, that eventually showed him a better way to live.

"Now I've changed because somebody showed me a better way," Dunn said.

And that's what he wants to do for those who grew up like him.

Dunn and his brother have a non-profit aimed at helping others find jobs while promoting a non-criminal lifestyle.

"When you're dealing with an inner-city problem, so much stress, so much tension, it's just a matter of time before the shootings take place," Dunn said.

Dunn blames stress for much of the recent violence. He also points to lack of education and jobs, boiling over into the streets.

"There's crime, violence, shootings. That's not a mystery, of course. That's going to happen. Look at the conditions in the area where the violence and shootings are taking place," he said.

But Dunn said shootings since June 11th and the six murders don't show signs of gang relation. They are more isolated in multiple areas of the community. "You don't see any sign of gangs. You don't see any territories being marked. You don't see gang brawls in the inner city fighting over territories," he said.

What Dunn sees is anger and frustration. He said people need jobs. Dunn said half of the people where he grew up are unemployed.

He believe if more people have opportunities, there will be less opportunity for crime.

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