WKYT Investigates: Couple wants to warn others of lottery scam

They thought they had won it big! A Kentucky couple got a check in the mail for more than $3,000. They were told they got it for shopping at Walmart, but Walmart and a slew of other retailers, are saying it's a scam. Roger and Hildred Pugh were hopeful at first, but admittedly skeptical.

"Well, we never won nothing in our life," exclaimed Pugh, "what we've got we've worked for, and I don't believe in fairy tales." When a check arrived in the mail for $3,750, Pugh's curiosity peaked.

"It just said that he had been picked, a lucky number. And got it from us shopping at Walmart, using our debit card at Walmart," explained Hildred Pugh.

WKYT contacted Walmart, and the 19 other companies listed on the award notification. Not a single one told us they were affiliated with the National Lottery. Many sent statements confirming what the Pughs thought ... the winnings were a scam.

"They have well-known names that people trust and shop with every day so the con artist is hoping by using those names and logos they'll further convince the consumer that this is on the up and up," says Heather Clary with the Better Business Bureau. In this scam, Clary says you get a check, you're asked to deposit it, then you send them part of the winnings to pay the fees to get the rest of the cash. Only Clary says the first check never actually clears in your bank account.

"The bank may see it as being real at first glance. They'll put it though all it's hoops. You'll do what you were told to do with the money, which is generally send it to the con artist to cover various fees. Comes back to the bank, bounces, they come to you for the money."

Scams similar to this one can be reported to the Better Business Bureau in Lexington. Their web address is bluegrass.bbb.org.

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