WKYT Investigates: Inappropriate 911 Calls

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Dispatchers claim to hear them all the time - calls to 911 that are maybe meant for 411 instead. Those confused calls range from odd to obscene. WKYT's Kristen Kennedy went to several 911 Centers in Central Kentucky to pick up stories of the worst.

Dispatchers take hundreds of calls a day, and a lot of them estimate about half are true emergencies. Lexington Fayette Urban County Government's 911 call takers won't let us listen in on conversations, but they will share stories.

"People want us to give them rides on 911. They want us to unlock their cars on 911," explains call taker Michelle Haynes, "until you work here you do not realize all the calls that people call here for."

"I got a call one time, a lady was very upset because her friend left with her charger," described dispatcher Phillina Wingate, "she said 'it's gonna be an emergency if my cell phone dies.' We've gotten calls for people asking for us to call and have a pizza delivered to their home. We are trained to always be professional. So that's what we try to do. We just said 'ma'am that is not what 911 is for. Please do not call back, we cannot order you a pizza.'"

Dispatchers tell us politeness is key to getting off the phone fast, and back to calls that are true emergencies.

Peak times for odd calls for Jessamine County dispatchers come in when the power goes out. Dispatchers in Laurel County told us they often have people calling 911 asking for directions.

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